GR-R-REAT! Giving.

Adventure #3: Edgehill Cafe
Saturday December 18, 2010

Edgehill Cafe

A cloudy Saturday. Peaceful. 12pm, Yes, I believe it’s time for some breakfast!

The Edgehill Cafe is the perfect mixture of rustic warm accents meet minimal contemporary simplicity. The overall feel of the cafe is warm and cozy but not cheesy at all. They have many options for seating which range from single seating at a bar looking out a front window, big comfy chairs, to a couple of large tables with enough seating for 8 people (think dining room table).


I was very impressed with the food. I had The Breakfast Sandwich, scrambled egg with cheese and sausage on a wheat bagel along with a side of oatmeal with walnuts and brown sugar and a dark roast coffee. Everything was delicious!

As I was reading several local publications’ articles on gifts I read about several things that I would like. Since I have not made a Christmas list in many years I decided it would be fun to make a list of things that I want to give myself. In keeping up with the spirit of giving that should follow us all year, not just around Christmas time I also came up with a list that almost anyone can do for others.

2010 Christmas List:

  1. I want to eat at Suzy Wong’s House of Yum
  2. I want to visit the Vanderbilt Children’s Gift Shop and purchase a”softer than cashmere” scarf for $12.00

    "softer than cashmere"

  3. I want to get a “shellac” manicure at Polished (ground floor Grace’s Plaza) this manicure is supposed to last 2-3 weeks with no chips!

    friend recommended

2010-2011 Give List

  1. Pay for a stranger’s coffee (this actually happened to me at Edgehill Cafe one morning, it made my day… so thank you to the woman who bought my cup of joe!)
  2. Let someone else have the close parking space, you know you could use the exercise anyway!
  3. Say “Good Morning” and smile to everybody… even those whom we would rather pass without acknowledging, an added bonus: smiling will improve your mood too 🙂

They always say that it is better to give than to receive, but giving yourself small indulgences throughout the year keeps you wanting to give to others, because you are happy and happy people give more. Remember to give to everyone, even yourself!

Happy Holidays!

Breakfast Be’be’

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Life is Full of Surprises… Enjoy More


Adventure 2: Panera Bread (West End)

Another cold and gray Saturday morning. I headed to Borders to pick up some magazines then made my way to Panera.  The 4 Cheese Baked Egg Souffle and Chai Latte were delish!  The 9 minutes spent waiting for the pipping hot, crusty, flaky, yet  melted cheesy goodness was well worth the wait.

In between reading my “Psychology Today” and answering the occasional text message from a fine gentleman friend I stopped to look at my surroundings and couldn’t help but notice that I was surrounded by people with deadlines.  The gentleman behind me was studying for an orthopedic exam, the young college-aged women to my left were discussing the genetic possibilities of an albino genotype, and in front of me, “Do you think that it is my responsibility to provide transportation for the bridal party to the reception?” a middle-aged bride ponders the etiquette of her upcoming nuptials with her wedding planner.  Amongst all of the buzz of upcoming deadlines and stressors I was reading an article for fun (Yes, out of “Psychology Today” no explanation) and texting an attractive gentleman… for fun as well.


"The Double Life of Women" A great read!



In a world filled with deadlines, expectations, and countless stressors I hope to remember take time to read the magazine articles that don’t matter for my career and to  converse  with  handsome men.. . for fun 🙂

Happy Saturday,

Breakfast Be’be’

P.S. I feel content, blessed, and fourtunate in my life to be able to write about lack of stress

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The Blog That is Magically Delicious!

Saturday morning… single woman… overcast and cold… HUNGRY. My girlfriend decided to start a woman’s breakfast club and this morning was the first.

Date: December 4th, 2010 Time: 10am Place: Fido

1st breakfast: Fido Nashville, TN

I figured that this was a great idea seeing as I had nothing to do on Saturday mornings and wanted to be anywhere but alone at my house after a recently ended 1 1/2 year relationship . We decided to meet once a month and every meeting we would visit a new breakfast spot around town. 3 women, hot coffee, and breakfast… sounds fun. As we ate this morning I thought, “I should do this every Saturday”. I have no strings attached to anyone. No children, no man around, and no pets. I have so much freedom, but yet I eat some lame breakfast in my place every Saturday morning. One day I will probably find myself waking up in a queen size bed with a man to my right and a couple of little ones piled on top of me hogging all of the covers, just wishing I could enjoy a breakfast at some hip cafe… alone. (for the record I do wish the blessing of my own family in the future but right now it’s just not my season for that) So born was the idea of my Saturday morning adventures… breakfast every Saturday where I choose, except the first Saturday of each month I will be with the Womans Breakfast Club (WBC). This blog will record the delicious adventures that I encounter during my Saturday morning breakfast outings!

Adventure 1: Fido

Sans one precious member of the WBC we dined on blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit (me) and oatmeal (girlfriend). As we searched for a table we saw him… in all of his silver-haired glory, Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

Wikipedia facts: father of triplets and enjoys singing opera

My gf was the first to see him and I will say he is quite an attractive older gentleman. This sighting was confirmed by my private investigator like gf who managed to look up his Twitter posting and sure enough he had posted that he was indeed at Fido. I love Dr. Drew and mainly because I enjoy his Celebrity Rehab shows as well as the Teen Mom reunion show that he hosts after every season. This morning it was unanimous between 2 twenty-something women… gray hair can be attractive on a man.

We also saw a cute family taking pictures in tacky Christmas sweaters. This was great. I loved the cute family of four posing in the street, 21st Ave, for what most likely will be this years Christmas card. For your viewing enjoyment and since my words cannot begin to adequately describe the nonsensical absurdity that is holiday themed sweaters… xoxo Breakfast Be’be’


Christmas Party Fowl you can buy this one!

purchase this on

this is just CREEPY, really?? a snowman peeking out from the chest area

LOVE the turtleneck... hate the cats!

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